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Hott Summer Drive with a Blow job ;)

bj1A couple of years ago my man and I were on a long road trip. It was a great summer day. When he drives he likes to keep his hand on my leg.  We were on a long stretch of boring road. To keep himself occupied he started to work his hands up my thigh. Then he started to to tease me and just lightly touch my thong.  Being on the road the in the open, made me so hott.  I just just spread my legs and leaned back a little. I got so wett, his fingers were gettting juicy :).  It was so good, he just lightly touched and mmmmmm. He played for a while and it felt soo wonderful.  As he kept playing with my pussy, stroking my thighs I could see his cock getting larger and larger in his jeans.  I just reached over and began to pet the bulge.  His cock was getting so hard I could see the shape of his mushroom head through his jeans.  We played for probably 20 minutes it was so much fun, wondering if a big rig would pass us and look in on the show hehe.  We just stroked, and teased. I was getting worked up. He did a good job driving and playing, but after a while was starting to loose focus on the road.  When we strayed off the road and hit the shoulder a couple time he was getting worried we would crash the car.  He wanted to stop playing so we could keep driving, some men have to get to their destination, but I wanted to get into his pants. He made me feel so good, I was feeling extra naughty and I wanted to be a little naughtier. I knew I wanted to taste his sweet cock. Then I remembered we had the video camera in the back seat.  I told him to pullover at the next stop.  As I reached into the back seat, he asked what I wanted the camera for. I told him it was going to be a surprise, a sexy one. He knew something was up and he would probably like it :).  He asked how private did we need to park I said, preatty private and he knew something good was coming.  We pulled up to a rest stop, no one was there and we found a secluded spot to park. I told him to get out and walk around to my side of the car and take the camera. As he went around the car I got out got down on my knees and waited for him. I told him to come close and start the camera.  To see what happened check out the video.

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Jerk Off Instruction

FFJkFF1 It amazes me the different type of men I meet as a camgirl.  I have fans overseas, in the north, south, east and west. Big boys, little men, guys with nice huge cocks to little peckers.  The real fun is I get to play with them all.  There are some that need help, help that only I can give them.

I am so surprised by how many do not know how to properly jerk off let alone go the distance with me. There are those that like to be told what to do and how to do it. Some fellas want me to dominate them and tell them how to do it.  In this video that got me so hott join me on my back porch with the birds chirping and see if you can go the distance with me and cum when I tell you.  I bet you can do it. are you ready for it.

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I have never done this before

BBCBJpreview  In college I had a lot of sex, but living in the south it was such a taboo to cross racial lines. Back then I loved a hard cock but I was so conservative. I had lots of sex but with white boys, I always wondered. What would it be like. I had a girlfriend that was not so inhibited and she would rave and tell me over and over once you go black you never go back. As you probably know my inhibitions have long gone, but i never crossed the line. A while ago I met James, a fella i know from my gym. He is athletic, good looking and a southern black gentlemen. We flirted a little now and then. I remember one time catching him looking at my ass, hehehe. One day I saw him at the gym  has a very nice body and he was wearing these tight shorts, I really noticed his package. He had a lot to offer. I think he cuaght me in my gaze, and not at his eyes,  and walked up to me, strutting that package. It makes me wet thinking about it. We flirted a little more than normal that day in the gym and he gave me his email. I took the initiative and sent him an email. I told him I liked what I saw. He asked what was my favorite part and I thought why not so I told him i liked his package :). He liked what i had to say. We emailed, instant messaged on fb and then I decided to send him one of my videos. That really got his attention. I told him about a fantasy I have had about giving a black stud like him a blow job and record it on video. He agreed but only if I would not show his face. He came to my place and was ready. Right before we started he told me he had not had sex for some time and if i was going to go down on him I may need some eye protection, hehe. I put on my sunglasses and was so excited. You can see what happens in the video BBC BJ Training (5 min) $7.00

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New lingerie and it fits so tight it feels good

Tight Black lace lingerieHi fellas. I just got some new lingerie, a tight black lace outfit, plunging neckline for my soft titties, and black nylons. I did a nf show for one of my fav clients and he loved the “look of my perfect round ass and you can see my forever perky nipples under the lace”. It feels so good to wear something so tight and sexy it hugs every curve. I look in the mirror and think, damn girl you look good. I can only imagine what this will do to you. I am sure you will be happy to see me . What would we do if you found me wearing this outfit just for you when you got home, hehehe. Call me on Nitflirt or you can get the pic set here… 3 toned pics outside in the sun
Here is a second set 3 pics spread wide in the sun …

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